Procedure to be Followed to get the Best Results with Min usage of Liquid.

  1. In 750 ML bottle You have SPRAY & STREAM mode, Turn the Spray Nozzle on STREAM to get wide spread and min Qty of liquid is sprayed.
  2. Please take Pictures in a specific angle Before starting the process.
  3. Preferably Wear surgical gloves, as liquid consist of Sanitiser. It may cause burning sensation if use with bear hands.
  4. Start Sprying SPICK & SPAN Liquid on Roof to began with from a Distance of 8”-10” and with a Gap of 15” – 18”.
  5. Use two Micro Fiber Cloth, one for Wet wipe and one for Buffing. Clean and Buff in a Circular motion to get best results.
  6. Then Come to Glasses, follow the same process for In & Out.
  7. Next Come to Bonnet & Dickey.
  8. Lastly Door, Front Grill, Bumper (Front & Rear), Spray on Tryes and Alloy Wheels and scrub Tyres with a soft brush to removed the Mug or Mud strains.
  9. Finally Spary water with a Garden pipe on Grill, Tyre, Alloy Wheels and Wheel Arc to get the vehicle in Spick & Span Condition.
  10. Take the photos in the same angle and one Photo along with you as a proud Owner. If possible Videograph the same in another Mobile or Handicam, Pannel by Pannel for your future reference. Both steps you follow 1. While Spraying and One After Cleaning.
  11. Share you Wow Pics !! with your Car on our Email ID : We would be delighted too.